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2 Antenna Handheld GPS Signal Jammer
2 Antenna Handheld GPS Signal Jammer
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product Details:

Handheld GPS signal jammers produced only for the GPS positioning terminal effect on other electronic equipment without interference, harmless to human body:
1.1 The special needs of mobile security and confidentiality of confidential place
1.2 The flow of vehicles, the political and business dignitaries mobile site security
1.3 The special personal life or business travel needs of anti-tracking

2.1 All components and high-density integrated circuits using chip components with high performance, small size, easy to carry, easy to operate, work stable.

2.2 The whole production process strictly follow the ISO900 quality system, stable and reliable. Geographic information security is to strengthen the trust of the ideal product.

3,Main features

3.1 pairs of channels effectively shield: GPS L1-1575MHz, GPS L2-1227MHz
3.2 The only shielding phone signal does not affect other electronic devices work properly.
3.3 Slow start circuit design to reduce the power switch in the power generating large current transient damage of key components.

4,Technical Indicators
4.1 The effective shielding radius of 5-10 meters.
4.2 Main Parameters:

Output port

Block frequency

Shielding radius

The role of the object can be




GPS positioning system
Mobile GPS positioning terminal




Charging power supplyAC110-250V   Built-in batteryDC3.7V15000mAh

Dentsu consumption0.3W/h   Weight150g   Dimensions (length X width X height)


4.3 Working Hours: 3-4 hours of continuous work.
4.4 ambient temperature: -45
- +55
4.5 Relative Humidity: 30% -95%
4.6 Charger: Input AC160V-240V Output DC5.2V 400mA

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