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20MHZ-6.0GHZ GSM Wireless Camera Detector
20MHZ-6.0GHZ GSM Wireless Camera Detector
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product Details:
MF-007D Bug Scanner is the small wide band wireless detecting equipment, latest studied by army secrecy technology and security institution. It is many used in detecting the working wireless wiretap or hidden spy camera in objective place, except for seeking and locating accurately, but also the most advanced portable wireless detecting device. Alarming with sound and optic, operating simply, taking conveniently (cells size). The body is made by high-intensity and high quality anti-jamming alloy, with black appearance, fine-Grinding profiling, and good feeling.
The Bug Scanner would not send any electromagnetic, interfere any wiring, and affect mans health. It is passive detecting equipment, using wide-band simulation to check, detecting the signal intension sent by wiretaps, hidden spy cameras or other RF signal sending devices with high sensitivity and coving about 100 meters. The detector has went thought armies appraisal and got the third technical progress prize, also been authenticated by the army information and security products assessing cent.
Features of the MF-007D Bug Scanner:
--- MF-007D utilizes unique and intelligent technique that avoids wireless data communication being collected secretly by competitor or business spy, physical protection for Bluetooth, and 802.11b/g Micommunication.
--- Easily operated and user-friendly, no hassle installation needed, need no professional knowledge or skill, a portable device to suit everyone, everywhere and anytime.
--- Conference room and office where protect information being collected secretly. Government and military premises that should protect wireless data of WLAN, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication
--- Battery or Mains compatible.  
--- Worldwide compatible.
--- Can be adjusted depending on different demands.
--- For using at meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses etc.  
Important Notice: 
A hidden camera, a wiretap or a RF signal transmitting device is a still or video camera used to film or eavesdrop people without their knowledge. The RF signal transmitting device is "hidden" because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object. Therefore, the MF-007D Bug Scanner can be used as a professional role to intercept the RF signal between the sending devices and receiving devices. Accurately and patiently adjusting is important for users; the target detecting signals should exist between Low frequency (800MHz) to High frequency (2500MHz). MF-007D Bug Scanner has a unique design for showing the effect, such as the closer to the detecting objects the more LED working, the closer the objectives the sound would be weak.

MF-007D Bug Scanner
Detecting Frequency
Detecting dynamic range
70 dB
Indicate mode
9 levels LEDs luminescence indication/voicing instruction
L 175x W 60x H 25mm
Detecting Range
Up to 50m
Working Temperature
-10~ +55 deg C
RF Detector 1pcs ; Battery: 1pcs ; Antenna 1pcs
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