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GPS Vehicle Tracking System
GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • NO.  :  MF-110W
    Quantity: 10000
  • Unit Price: $123.0
    Weight: 1.300kg
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product Details:


1) real-time online tracking
2) better for fleet management such as taxi, vehicle, rent cars, logistics truck
3) fuel monitoring

  1. We have our own server platform & client software, all of which are developed by ourselves, and it's free for customers to enjoy the service
  2. Track the targets by time interval;
  3. Real-time online tracking;
  4. Track throughmobile, computer, PDA, etc;
  5. With internal memory, device can save at least 500 GPS coordinates for 24 hours when it's at GSM blind area;
  6. It can cut off power/fuel supply of the car/vehicle/truck remotely through software if necessary;
  7. It can monitor more than 9,000 cars at any time;
  8. Movement alarm, geo-fence control;
  9. GPS blind area alarm (in/out);
  10. Two way communications;
  11. Power-cut alarm if the device is turned off abnormally;
  12. Software can make many reports on fuel consumption, ACC time, locaion, direction, speed, mileage, etc;
  13. Automatically keep GPRS alive;
  14. Playback history to get the tracking routine, the status of vehicle
  15. Build-in battery
  • Real-time online tracking through internet or software, can track the targets by mobile, computer, PDA, etc.
    Because of the main communication of the system are GPRS and Internet. it makes GPS products can monitoring uninterrupted and implementation for the second time in the car, GPS control center can achieve real-time traffic monitoring.
  • GPS Orientation, GPS receiver will get a complete routine.
  • Automatically report position/status
    Data content: vehicle status, ACC status, time, longitude & latitude, speed, and direction.
    a. Intelligent moving report (>=20 Seconds, <= 5000 seconds)
    b. Intelligent stopping report (Automatically at every 3 minutes when stopping)
  • Engine running time recording(Triggered by 6-16 volt input, time record up to 99999 hours. exact to seconds.)
  • History data store even power off.
    The device with a memory chip to store up to 512 messages even if GPRS network signal is weak or unavailable, it can save tracking history for 24hours.
  • History Playback. You can replay track history of the car whatever and whenever you want to know, including moving route, speed, mileage, ACC time, direction, fuel consumption
  • Remotely modify vehicle setup
  • Automatically keep GPRS alive
  • Speed Report
  • Domain name setting
    (Fox example: FFIP:"TCP","WWW.ABC.COM","8010")
  • Geo-fence. When UNIT is out of these predefined areas, a report will be generated to the monitor.
  • Cut off power/fuel supply to stop the car if necessary by monitoring software
  • SOS button for emergence help
  • Waterproofbag(optional)
  • Monitor the oil/fuel: The fuel/oil that the vehicle consumes is automatically recorded; with the software, it will draw a complete report of oil/fuel consumption. In this case, it will completely eradicate phenomenon such as stealing oil. And the system will tell the fuel consumption, so that it may control the cost of oil/fuel
  • It can connect the LCD.
  • Position Mode: GPS(With GPS SiRF-Star III chipset)
  • Data Communication Mode: GPRS
  • Frequency Range: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Return Data Interval: 10-9999 Seconds
  • Timing Position Report: no less than 20 Seconds, no higher than 5000 seconds
  • Data Packet Upload: no less than 10 Seconds
  • Position Data Return Mode:
    a. Timely Data Packet uploads to server.
    b. Automatically Return
    c. Request Return with Manpower
  • Supply voltage: 12V DC or 24V DC
  • Supply range: 10~30V DC
  • Standby current: <=150mA
  • Static current: <=30mA
  • Peak Current: <=300mA
  • Work Temperature: -20~70 degree celsius
  • Working humidity: 20% ~ 80%
  • Size of the Mainframe: 112 * 68 * 25mm
  • Mainframe N/W: 200g
  • Size of main unit: 11 * 6.5 * 2.5cm
  • Weight of main unit: 0.20Kg
  • Size of gift box: 16 * 16 * 7cm
  • Gross weight of gift box: 1.25Kg
  • Size of carton:
  • a) 62 * 41.5 * 30cm, 23pcs/carton
  • b) 54 * 37 * 35cm, 20pcs/carton
  • c) 31 * 41.5 * 30cm, 10pcs/carton
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