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Intelligent Alarm System
Intelligent Alarm System
  • NO.  :  MF-G1
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product Details:

Main functions

Whether send SMS or not when arm/disarm;

 Arm/disarm remotely by phone keypad;

 Automatically send SMS to 3 preset phone numbers while alarming;

Automatically call 3 preset phone numbers and start on-site listen in while alarming;

Real-time report the alarm zone remotely by SMS and voice reminding;

With user-friendly voice reminder while operating the alarm host;

Support two-way communications;

 Built-in dedicated emergency alarm zone and fire alarm zone;

Automatically report while the AC power failed or recovered and switch to backup battery when the external power failure;

Built-in 12 wireless alarm zones ( including 1 emergency zone and 1fire alarm zone), and 2 wired zones (with anti-cut function);



1. Wireless frequency: 315MHz/433MHz;

2. GSM frequency: 900/1800MHz(standard), 850/1900MHz (optional)

3. Alarm response time: 8s (GSM signal in normal)

4. Power requirements: AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz

   Working consumption< 0.6W  

Backup battery: DC7.4V/850MA
   Backup battery working hours: ≥10 hours

5.Working condition
    temperature: -20
+60   humidity: ≤95% (non-condensation)
6.Size: 150mm
7. Record time: 10s


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