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1080P HD Car Keychain DVR Camera
1080P HD Car Keychain DVR Camera
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product Details:
The Machine features :
1 : Unique  designs,TF card slot Built-in ,highly covert
2:  10 million high -definition camera, 1080p screen shot more clearly the effect
3: HD MOV format audio and video recording synchronization,
4: Video resolution 1920 x 1080P Optional, 30 fraes/sec.
5: separate camera and photo to close iphone 4 .
6:Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery
7: built-in rewritable Flas 1-16GB optional
Instructions :
 Power : click switch/ Video button once , a long bright blue light indicator then boot the machine into standby .
Video : In standby mode ( long bright blue light ) again to the switch/ record button once , the indicator light flashes three times ,while red and blue lights go out into the video .the midpoint of the switch during recording /video button to save a video , the system into standby ,long bring blue light .
Photo : In standby mode thenext time the button click ,then light from the long brightn blue light into red and blue light while light into the camera standby , Click switch /Video button , red light flashes once said that a picture is taken ,back and forth .
 click again to exit the camera mode toggle button either mode .
1080P video : in the photo standby mode (red and blue light  long light )
Press mode button for 6 seconds ,the red and blue light flashes 3 times then turns off , into the state of 1080P  video ,click the switch/button to exit 1080P video recording.
Shutdown : In standby mode, (including photographs stndby ) press switch / video button for 5 seconds, the blue indicator light flashes 4 times off.  That the machine shutdown .
Playback : connect the USB cable in my computer to find : a removable dis , vieo fles on a removable dis DCIM/10100101 automatically generated MOV format video files .it is recommended to use storm video player.
Time : Local time of the video files with watermark display, can an accurate record of when each video recording time, did not sell in the local factory calibrated  time found to be inaccurate, the need for calibration, calibration need to shut down state connected to the computer, the random distribution of the CD-ROM Settime , bat files are copied to a a removable disk root directory , Or manually edit the
 text document and name it: Settime open, edit the time format as 2011 0102 23 59 09 separated by a space that is at 23:59:09 on January 2,2011, to save time once again start recording automatically updated.
Charge : the machine as a standar USB2.0 interface, USB interface for direct computer to charger m the charger can also be used to charge a random distribution , charging indicator light is blue when the machine the machine .
Pakage Size : 120x90x46 (mm)
Weight  : 123 g
Paking inculde :
1 X 1080P MOV mini car keychain DVR
1 X USB lines 5Pin
1 X User Manual
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