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Surveillance Phone Recorder
Surveillance Phone Recorder
  • NO.  :  MF-SR100
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    Weight: 550g
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product Details:

SR100 is a without a computer, can come and electrical recording of fixed telephone recorder.

1, Without a computer, used alone; 1.5-inch screen, can record, playback, search the recorded files;
2, the use of a replaceable SD card storage, the maximum support 32G; 1GB capacity can store approximately 70 hours of audio file;
3, since the audio file to the phone number at the beginning, plus time and date for the file name, easy to find;
Not only support the RJ11 connector, but also has a unique handset recording function (support the RJ9 joints), is compatible with various types of analog and digital telephones;
5, support for external microphones and headphones, can be a separate recording of the meeting environment;
6 can be set for incoming calls voice prompt feature (Welcome functionality);
7, the AGC automatic gain control, the most appropriate recording can be automatically adjusted according to the size and distance of sound source;
8, USB communication capabilities, with computer communications, computer audio file finishing and EMAIL to send;
9, Powerful software can be in the computer, organize, search, playback, backup, tag, export, send;
10, you can set the date and time, loop recording, voice trigger intensity, a single call recording time and other parameters;
11,5 V DC power supply or three AAA batteries;
12, multiple languages: Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese / English / Arabic

Recording interface: standard RJ11 connector / Standard the RJ9 Connector / Built-in microphone / 3.5-inch microphone connector
Recording compression format: of ADPCM 4KB / S
Recording file formats: WAV
Recording start mode: voltage start-up / voice - activated (VOX) / manual recording
Recording Type: outside (outside) / analog phone (switch inside) / digital phone (switch inside) / environmental record / conference recording / microphone recording
Loop number: single-loop
Audio device: built-in speaker, 3.5-inch headphone jack / built-in microphone, 3.5-inch microphone connector
Storage: SD card, maximum support 32G, 1G can be recorded 70 hours
Size: 145X70X39MM
Weight: 165G
Power supply: DC 5V 200MA / battery AAAX3

SR100 machine X1
USB line X1
RJ11 telephone line X1
The RJ9 phone line X1
DC 5V charger X1 (the 220V/110V USA / 220V Europe)

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