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 Telephone Recorder 1.5inch LCD support 32GB
Telephone Recorder 1.5inch LCD support 32GB
  • NO.  :  MF-SR120
    Quantity: 10000
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    Weight: 560g
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product Details:

The SR120 is a no computers, installed in the ordinary telephone, record call and outgo call, when no one calls,of the automatic telephone answering machine.

1, Without a computer, used alone; 1.5-inch screen, can record, playback, search the recorded files;
2, Nobody home,it automatical leave comments, and can remotely listen to your message;
3, The use of a replaceable SD card storage, the maximum support 32G; 1GB capacity can store approximately 70 hours of audio file;
4, Since the audio file to the phone number at the beginning, plus time and date for the file name, easy to find;
5, Not only support the RJ11 connector, but also has a unique handset recording function (support the RJ9 joints), is compatible with various types of analog and digital telephones;
6, Support for external microphones and headphones, can be a separate recording of the meeting environment;
7, Can be set for incoming calls voice prompt feature (Welcome functionality);
8, The AGC automatic gain control, the most appropriate recording can be automatically adjusted according to the size and distance of sound source;
9, USB communication capabilities, with computer communications, computer audio file finishing and EMAIL to send;
10, Powerful software can be in the computer, organize, search, playback, backup, tag, export, send;
11, You can set the date and time, loop recording, voice trigger intensity, a single call recording time and other parameters;
12, 5V DC power supply or three AAA batteries;
13, Multiple languages: Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese / English / Arabic

Recording interface: standard RJ11 connector / Standard the RJ9 Connector / Built-in microphone / 3.5-inch microphone connector
Recording compression format: of ADPCM 4KB / S
Recording file formats: WAV
Recording start mode: voltage start-up / voice - activated (VOX) / manual recording
Recording Type: outside (outside) / analog phone (switch inside) / digital phone (switch inside) / environmental record / conference recording / microphone recording
Loop number: single-loop
Audio device: built-in speaker, 3.5-inch headphone jack / built-in microphone, 3.5-inch microphone connector
Storage: SD card, maximum support 32G, 1G can be recorded 70 hours
Size: 145X70X39MM
Weight: 165G
Power supply: DC 5V 200MA / battery AAAX3

1)    USB Port 
2)    DV 5V
3)    LINE port
4)    PHONE port
5)    Play Message
6)    Handset Line
7)    Volume +
8)    Volume –
9)    Handset
12)  SET
13)  Microphone
15)  Earphone
16)  Fast Forward
17)  Recording
18)  Fast Reverse
19)  Pause
20)  Play
21)  Stop
22)  Page Down
23)  Page Up
24)  Back
25)  Records
26)  SD Card
27)  LCD Display
28)  Answering Machine
29)  Speaker

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