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Telephone Recorder Box
Telephone Recorder Box
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product Details:


Convenient and simple telephone recording mode, compact and beautiful shape.

1. Compact portable design, to expand the scope of your recording from a fixed office or home to travel the way, or any other convenient for you  Phone (such as in the hotel you talk with customers telephone line connected to the recording box can be tape recorded).

2.Talk online recording function: recording incoming or outgoing calls are available online.

3.Support SD card 128M-8G large-capacity Free computer recording:

4. Automatic and manual dual recording mode:     The initial state of the boot for the automatic recording mode, depending on your needs, the recording mode is set to automatic or manual. Default automatic recording when the phone is automatically pick up the phone to start recording.

5.Built-in automatically establish the date of the recording folder. Such as the September 9, 2010, the file name is 20100909. Recycling entry time + phone number to MP3 format. 21:09:09, file name 210909 - Phone Number: MP3; facilitate the management of and access to audio content.

6. Recording documentation can be in a variety of playback modes: play or get the SD card to play on the computer directly in the recording box.

7.Simple interface, easy to use.

8. Blue screen liquid crystal display.

9.Supports MP3 format music player:      Plug in any one of the MP3 music format SD or FT card can play music to make your job easier.

10. 3.5MM headphone jack, can connect headphones to listen to the recording or music, do not disturb the work of others.     Recording time length: 1G capacity of the memory card can record 36 hours, 8G can be recorded up to; talk time of 288 hours (12 days continuous recording).

The key function:
1: AUTO & HM: come and go electric (automatic recording / Manual recording) conversion.

2: TIME SET: Clock Settings button, set the time

3: increase key: in the clock setting state up-regulated

4: DOWN key: in the clock setting state, down-regulation

5: return key

6: recording stop button; need recording (click stop recording control in the process of recording status;; then click Continue recording)

7: increase volume:

8: volume down

9: PREV / 4: a key

10: NEXT / 5: a key

11: PLAY / PAUSE: Play / Pause


(1) Recording file formats: MP3 format

(2) Package: mini packaging     

 Body size: 124 * 111 * 58 cm      

Box dimensions: 128 * 115 * 62 cm

Weight : 392g



Packing Include:

1 X  telephone recording box

1 X AC/DC Adaptor  (input: 220vac 50Hz ,Output :5VDC 500mA

1 X Telephone line

1 X English Manual

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