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Wireless Spy Camera /Bug Detector
Wireless Spy Camera /Bug Detector
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product Details:

As we know, there usually have so many invisible vidicon in public place, hotel.
Evil person always uses it to do evil thing to invasion of someone's privacy.
We develop the special detector according to a great demand in everywhere. Our
detector can be effective to find out the wireless vidicon or bug planted.
Its working distance is radius10 meter.

The  Function:
1.It is able to prevent the crowd's personal life don't be shoot by some evil
2.It can be used in the commerce purpose. For example. Sign a contract, business
3.It can be used for the company, factory, government, hotel, theater, art
  gallery & museum.
4. 6 indicators to show the intensity of the signal
5. With vibrancy and buzzer function




The  Operation:
1. Pull on the antenna. It is "on" action while press the button continued. In
  other words, it will be "off" action without pushing down button.( The detector
  is checking itself when the red led flashes at the first time )
2. Move the detector from left to right by walking.
3. Maybe there has wireless vidicon or bug at neighborhood when the red led is
   blinking,. The red led flashes more strongly, the more near to the aim. It is
   the nearest to the wireless vidicon or bug as soon as the red led is light full,
   At this time, take back the antenna slowly to reduce the target bound until to
   find out the aim finally.

1. The detector hasn't any badly effect for health of user.
2. The detector won't interfere the natural working of any other detector & mobile phone.
3. When some one is talking by mobile phone or interphone, we suggest you don't use
   detector for a while.
4 It isn't sure there must have dubious signal neighborhood when the red led is flashing.
  You should shorten the antenna to confirm whether there has wireless vidicon & bug or not.
  PLS ref. step 3 as above mentioned.
5. There needn't change the battery frequently. The battery can be used around 1 to 2 years.
  The battery size is CR23A, Voltage: 12V


1.Detecting frequency range:100-2600MHz
2.Working range: 10meters
3.Working voltage: 12V (built power soure)

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