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Auto-dial Alarm System
Auto-dial Alarm System
  • NO.  :  MF-T5C
    Quantity: 10000
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    Weight: 1.500kg
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product Details:

Description and Main functions      
1. 8 wireless zones, 4 wired zones, communicate through telephone network.
2.You can connect wired & wireless PIR sensor, door/window contact, smoke detector, gas leakage detector, glass break sensor, emergency button etc. Each wireless zone can match numberless wireless sensors.
3. With 13 working LEDs and control keyboard on the mainframe.
4.You can record your voice in the mainframe in advance and will call you or the police and play the voice while alarming.
5.Can Auto-dial 6 phone No. while alarming.
6.You can call the mainframe at any time and listen what happened in the alarm area,
and you can arm/disarm and program the system by control keyboard on the mainframe & phone
7. password protection while the system is working.
8. Remote monitor and check the alarm zones by phone.
9. Arm mode: immediate arm, delayed arm and partial arm.
10. Can set the ring times of alarm mainframe. When there is coming call, the mainframe can get through it automatically after checking the preset ring times.
11. Can choose to set/cancel the alarm function of cutting telephone line.
12. Switch to Backup rechargeable battery automatically when power is failure or cut by intruder.
13. When the system alarms, it can report and follow up the latest alarm zones.
14. Can send alarm signals to monitoring center through telephone network, such as the police station.

One alarm host (main unit)
One wireless door/window contact
One wireless PIR senosor                      Two remote controllers                          
One siren
One AC adapter                                        One English Manual
The main specification of mainframe
Power requirements: AC110~220V, 50 or 
60Hz, DC9V to 12V
Working hours of backup battery(DC7.2V): 
More than 6 hours.
Working current:I1 less than 50mA
Alarm current: I2 less than 50mA
Sensitivity of wireless receiving: 5Mv/m
Intensity of Anti-interference: 
1V/m (frequency range: 20 to 1000Mhz).
Wireless sending frequency 
of accessories: 315mhz/433mhz

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